Understanding “PS”: What Does PS Mean?


What does ps mean During the an entire world of online talking, you could have uncover all the abbreviation “PS” afterwards to a message, whether or not in emails, notes, or maybe text message messages. However , so what may PS represent, and what is it is worth? Let”s look into the meaning and even entry to PS in several contexts.

What is what does ps mean?

Definition of PS

PS is definitely an abbreviation for your Latin phrase “submit scriptum,” which will means “prepared after” in English. It again is commonly widely used to increase one other what does ps mean reckoned and also message into a letter and also file which usually was already concluded.

Origin of what does ps mean

Going with PS goes so that you can the period in handwritten notes when ever putting a good afterthought into a letter recommended literally making that below all the signature. Bear in mind the appearance in online talking, all the what does ps mean practice in PS includes suffered, even if in a lot more online form.

Usage of what does ps mean

In Written Communication

1. Including More Details

PS is normally helpful to comprise of advice that had been forgotten about and also looked at critical when the most important overall body to a text message continues to be written. It again facilitates what does ps mean all the writer so that you can append relevant data with out interfering with all the movement on the most important message.

2. Focusing an important Position

In some cases, PS is employed so that you can accentuate a selected phase and also call for constructed in the primary overall body on the text. By simply installing that when the bank, that forces focus on the further information.

PS in Digital Communication

1. Email Correspondence

With mail talking, PS is commonly helpful to your website what does ps mean remaining reckoned, indication, and also phone so that you can activity when the most important overall body on the email. It again provides just to tone the chief message and also provide added context.

2. Text Messages and Social Media

Equally, in texts and even cultural newspaper and tv blogposts, PS is certainly helpful to contribute a good afterthought and also clear up an important recent statement. It is often utilised to get casual talking, putting a personalized contact what does ps mean to message.


So, PS, extracted in the Latin “submit scriptum,” may serve as a power tool to get putting extra advice and also focusing areas in prepared communication. Even if in handwritten notes and also online mail messages, that keeps an important classic approach what does ps mean to appending feelings when the most important message.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What”s the main difference somewhere between PS and even what does ps mean?
    • Whereas PS is short for “submit scriptum,” providing a good companion constructed when the most important what does ps mean overall body in text message, PPS is short for “post-post scriptum,” hinting a good companion constructed when the PS.
  2. Is usually PS critical in present day talking?
    • While not obligatory, PS may add a personalized contact so that you can prepared talking and be sure beneficial areas usually are not overlooked.
  3. Can easily PS always be utilised in conventional notes?
    • Absolutely yes, PS is employed in conventional notes include things like additional information and also signs with out interfering with all the what does ps mean conventional design on the letter.
  4. Can there be a establish limit so that you can the quantity of what does ps mean in any message?
    • There”s no no-nonsense restrict, and yet it”s best to employ PS modestly so that you can take care of the clarity and even coherence on the message.